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Old Pain 2 Go – Guest Blog by Catherine Evans

Old pain 2 go

What is the difference between new pain and old pain? In simplistic terms, new pain is a way of your body letting you know that something is wrong. Your brain assesses the damage in a very short space of time and through that assessment it creates a sense of pain to bring the severity of the problem to your attention.

Sometimes this can go slightly wrong based on confusing information. If, for example, you’d had a previous injury that had appeared minor at the time with a low level of pain and then turned out to be much more serious, your brain stores this new information for future reference. The next time you encounter a similar injury, it will work on the new information and even if it is a low level injury, the pain will be hugely increased to draw your attention to it urgently. Our brains are designed to work on the principle of previous information.

The majority of the time though, your brain will be spot on in alerting you to the severity of the injury and therefore you can act accordingly. Pain messages can also get stuck. Similar to a fire alarm that continues to ring long after the fire has been extinguished and everything else has gone back to normal.

Old pain, the pain that continues long after the event, can have a number of causes. It may be that the problem is ongoing and therefore pain is a natural part of the process until the problem is resolved. It may also be that you need reminding that because of physical changes, you can’t do as much as you could.

Sometimes the message gets stuck for emotional reasons. When the brain makes connections, it isn’t always in relation to purely physical problems. The brain is a very complex organ and understanding how it works, even on a basic level, helps to explain why sometimes we get ‘stuck’ for all sorts of reasons. Pain can be on both a physical and emotional level and physical pain can connect to emotional difficulties in our lives.

So if it’s no longer serving a purpose, why is it there? After all, you know that you have arthritis, an old injury or back problem, so do you really need a constant reminder? Actually, no you don’t. For some people, the subconscious needs a gentle reminder that the pain is no longer helping. In fact, pain can make things worse because it’s limiting normal movement which causes further problems. Perhaps it is not always the safety net it would seem.

Your subconscious mind is an amazingly powerful part of you. It really can help you overcome so many things including managing your pain. OldPain2Go is a method of using the power of your own subconscious mind to recognise that your pain no longer serves a purpose and you can delete it.

If you’d like more information about OldPain2Go and how it can help with reducing or relieving old pain, please take a look at my website here