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Please give at least 24 hours notice for change of appointment. Fees are due in full if appointment is not re-arranged.

All my treatment prices depend on time spent and range from £35 for 30 mins to £65 for 75 mins.

30 mins


45 mins


60 mins


75 mins


As examples, an initial assessment and Soft Tissue Therapy treatment would usually take 75 mins, whereas, a follow up appointment for a Back, Neck and Shoulders massage would last 45 mins. A post event Sports Massage might take 30 mins but a Scarwork™ assessment and treatment is likely to need 60 mins. 

Pregnancy Massage and Oncology Massage will depend upon the aims and well-being of the client.

Please contact me to discuss your specific needs and see how I can help you.

Regular Clients

For regular clients I offer the following multi treatment packages, pay up front then use them as required. Packages can be shared with partners or family members.

Here are some scenarios when buying a package of treatments might be a good idea:

1. Working towards a long-distance event that requires months of training such as a marathon or triathlon. Regular sports massage will complement your training, reduce the risk of injury and help your body to recover from the work you are asking it to do. This also applies to those playing team sports who want to stay injury free throughout the season.

2. You have a problematic scar and want to benefit from Scarwork™ treatment alongside some self-care. One session is unlikely to be enough to achieve all the changes you want, so buying a package will ensure you commit to your “homework” and we can tackle the issues as a team.

3. You have a stressful lifestyle and want to start some self-care and gentle exercise. Regular massage will ease your tensions, aches and pains whilst you plan your new schedule. I can offer advice on workstation set-up, fitting exercise into your daily routine and lowering your stress levels. A monthly check in will keep you on track.

4. You have a long-term health condition and massage can help to relieve your symptoms. For example – Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Multiple Sclerosis. Buying a package gives you best value for money with your treatment.

3 x 60 minute treatment


6 x 60 minute treatment


3 x 45 minute treatment


6 x 45 minute treatment


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