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Scarwork™ (Scar Massage)

Do you have a scar that’s causing you discomfort or restricting your movement? Is it sensitive, itchy, stuck down or lumpy?

If so, I can help using a number of light-touch Scarwork™ massage techniques, either complimenting my Soft Tissue Therapy or as a stand alone treatment.

How does Scarwork™ help?

Susan Martin - ScarworkAs wounds heal, the damaged tissue is replaced by a denser, stronger and less elastic SCAR. In many cases this scar will restrict movement and create discomfort in the surrounding areas of the body. Underneath the surface, scar tissue often attaches itself to other structures and organs and theses adhesions can cause ongoing problems that are unrelated to the original surgery or accident.

Scarwork™ therapy is a slow and gentle form of massage that stimulates the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems to encourage healing and promote tissue health. This can lessen the impact of the scar tissue, helping to restore normal movement patterns and free up these adhesions. It can also change the surface appearance of the area as the tissues become softer, flatter and more mobile.

Types of Scars that I can help with:

I can help with both natural (accidental) and surgical scarring, whether this is recent or occurred many years ago. I have also undertaken additional training to be able to help those that are living with or under going treatment for cancer. You can find out more information about this in my Oncology Massage and Oncology Scar Specialist blogs. 

Clients can often see and feel improvements after 1 or 2 sessions, although 4 to 8 sessions are usually recommended. This will be discussed at your first session and will depend on your required outcome and budget.

Although each scar (and client) is different, I have experience in treating scarring from the following:
Breast Reconstruction
Gall Bladder Removal
Open Heart surgery
Road Traffic Accident
ACL reconstruction
Skin Grafts
Cosmetic Surgery

Burn and Keloid scars can also be treated but may take longer to respond. 

The development of the Scarwork™ (Scar Massage) method

Scarwork™ was developed by American Sharon Wheeler who discovered that she was able to change and promote healing in scar tissue whilst working as a manual therapist. She has been developing her techniques for over 40 years and continues to treat clients as well as training and educating other therapists and medical practitioners.

In 2014 Scarwork™ was introduced into the UK and I am one of a growing band of therapists who have added these skills to their portfolio. These techniques can be incorporated into a Soft Tissue Therapy treatment or you can book a stand alone appointment.


A recent client had this to say about her treatment, more comments can be found on my Reviews page:

"Susan is very highly skilled and she is a great listener. The Scarwork™ and massage have really helped reduce my pain after a recent operation"

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