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Oncology Scar Specialist

ONCOLOGY Scar Specialist

Many people with a Cancer diagnosis need to have surgery as part of their treatment. This surgery can leave them with ongoing complications and problematic scarring. Sometimes, the resulting scars cause discomfort, tingling or pain. They can feel lumpy or stuck down and this can lead to a reduction in range of motion. All of these side effects can be improved with this gentle, hands-on therapy.

Activity is a really important part of rehabilitation after surgery . Anything that stops you being active needs to be addressed.

I recently added to my Scarwork™ training with a new qualification from Restore Scar therapy – Oncology Scar Specialist.

This three – day course teaches the best researched treatment to those with scarring after Cancer. It includes on-line pre-work, classroom study and supervised practise. I now have new tools to help any clients who may feel that their surgery has left them with a body that they can’t relate to. This treatment can improve healing outcomes by stimulating the remaining tissue and reducing issues caused by fibrosis and adhesions under the skin.

Radio and Chemotherapies are both known to increase healing times and result in more fragile skin. Hands-on therapy has been shown to increase blood flow to the healing area, reduce post-surgical pain and improve range of movement at joints. Ultimately this enables the client to become more active and stronger, resulting in quicker and better healing.

Here is an Infographic that Restore are allowing me to use to give you more information about how you can help yourself.

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