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Inflammation is the body’s natural response to tissue damage. This could be from physical trauma, surgery, intense heat, infection or irritating chemicals. It is the way in which our natural defence cells leave the blood stream and enter the injury site. These cells can then prevent the spread of damage, dispose of cell debris, and […]

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Low Back Pain

When pain strikes, particularly in the LOWER BACK, it is all too easy to reach for some tablets and visit the doctor. However, there are a number of tried and tested alternative treatments to deal with this problem once your G.P. has diagnosed a muscular issue: 1. Release some Endorphins – these are hormones produced

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Stud Injuries

Boots and training shoes that have studs or spikes on the bottom are used in a number of sports in which maintaining grip and control on the ground is crucial. The most common of these sports are football, rugby and athletics. In professional sports the officials take great care to regulate the type and size

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ACL Reconstruction

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is one of four ligaments that keep your knee joint stable. It can become damaged during sports that involve twisting at speed such as Skiing, Football, Netball and Ultimate Frisbee. (One of my clients tore hers’ playing this!) Sometimes the injured athlete is able to stabilize their knee without the

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