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Stud Injuries

Boots and training shoes that have studs or spikes on the bottom are used in a number of sports in which maintaining grip and control on the ground is crucial. The most common of these sports are football, rugby and athletics. In professional sports the officials take great care to regulate the type and size of studs allowed which serves to limit the danger of injury but the same strictness does not always apply to grass roots or casual sport. e.g. A kick about at the park.

There are two main mechanisms that result in boot/shoe stud injuries:

Contact –

The first is when an athlete comes into contact with a fellow competitor’s studs or spikes. This type of injury is most commonly sustained during tackling or a fall on the pitch/track. These injuries are typically restricted to minor cuts and bruising but the speed and ferocity of the tackle/fall will be a major factor in the outcome. Some deep cuts may need stitching and can scar. General first aid will be necessary and referral to a doctor or hospital may be required for further treatment.

Strains and Sprains –

The second injury arises when a person’s studs/spikes become stuck in the playing surface while they are still moving. This results in the athlete continuing to move forward as the boot tries to anchor them in place. The body is forced to twist or contort in unpredictable ways and this can cause serious injuries. Damage to muscles, tendons and ligaments is common and bone fractures are possible. These will all need the attention of a doctor and may put the athlete out of action for some time. The treatment required will depend on the seriousness of the injury but a regime of rehabilitation exercises, Soft Tissue Therapy or Sports Massage and a nutritious diet will be necessary to regain full range of movement and sufficient strength to return to sport.

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