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Average Rehab timings

Realistic goal setting is vital when recovering from an injury. So often we rush back to activity far too soon and undo all the good work that we, our therapists and coaches have put in. This usually leads to further injury and months of frustration. The biggest risk of injury is a previous injury in that part of your body so getting your rehab right is vital for your future ability to train and compete well.

A 2018 study by Mulvad et al – The RUN CLEVER trial, found these average recovery times from common running injuries based on 140 athletes that sustained an injury from the 839 who took part in the study. Remember, these are averages. Some athletes recover quicker and some slower. If you need some Soft Tissue Therapy to help with your re-hab, please get in touch to see if I can help.

Runners Knee – 49 days

Hamstring Strain – 74 days

Shin Splints – 70 days

Gluteus Medius Tendinopathy – 56 days

ITB Syndrome -56 days

Achilles Tendinopathy – 56 days

Plantar Fasciitis – 35 days

Calf Strain – 49 days

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