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Runners Knee

Runners Knee

Runners knee is the common name for Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome which causes pain around and behind the knee cap. It is one of the most common overuse injuries in people who run, hence the name.

Patellofemoral pain is most often a result of abnormal mechanics forcing the Patella (knee cap) to bump against the Femur (thigh bone). Women and those with flat feet are more prone to this problem due to the angles between bones and joint.

There are two main causes of Runners knee:

  • Weak hips (outer Glutes) and inner quad muscles – These can be strengthened with specific exercises.
  • Tight Hamstrings, Glutes and Piriformis – Stretch, Foam Roller and Massage should help.

Make sure you have the correct footwear for your foot type, take regular rest days and do some cross training when not running. Kinesiology taping may help get you through an important race by easing the load on your knees, but is not a cure.

Medical help should be sought if there is any swelling at the knee joint or the simple strengthening and stretching work mentioned above does not improve the situation within a few weeks.

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