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Adhesions are fibrous bands, formed in the same way as scar tissue, which inhibit movement between soft tissues. They are often called “knots” and can form in muscles, ligaments or tendons. Sometimes they can form between muscles and nerves which will cause a tingling feeling in arms or legs. Adhesions stop the muscle, ligament or tendon from working in the correct manner. This can lead to imbalance in the body, causing strain and injury to surrounding tissues.

This often leads to pain.

Adhesions can form from either an acute trauma or repetitive strain. Both of these situations cause a lack of blood flow and oxygen in the tissues. Acute trauma would result from surgery, muscle strains/tears or collisions. Repetitive strain or overuse will cause micro-trauma over and again. Common examples of Repetitive Micro-trauma are computer work, endurance sports and poor posture.

Adhesions can be treated through a number of manual methods:

Foam rolling is a form of self-massage that can help. Deep tissue or Sports massage should find all the adhesions that you missed with the roller and Soft Tissue Release techniques performed by a Soft Tissue Therapist will target the specific areas affected and resolve the immediate issues.

To stop them reforming however, you will need to assess your posture, running form or desk set up and amend what is causing the problems.

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