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Five Painful Conditions that Massage can Help

Massage has been used for thousands of years, in many cultures, to reduce pain and ease tensions. Here are Five common conditions where some Soft Tissue Therapy can often help.

Low back pain –

Low Back Pain is often caused by lack of movement or a simple muscle strain. Massage can help to loosen stiff muscles and reduce painful spasms, enabling you to move more easily. Regular stretching and strengthening exercises can stop the problem re-occurring.

Fibromyalgia –

Regular, gentle massage can reduce a range of symptoms including the all over pain, muscle cramps and sleep difficulties. Because the cause of this condition is often unknown, general self-care is very important in managing the symptoms. Please read this article for more details –

Post – Operative pain –

Massage can ease the pain during your recovery and reduce your anxiety levels. Specialist Scarwork™ therapy can help to lessen the impact of your scarring. This can improve your range of motion and make it easier for you to resume your day to day activities.

Tension Headaches –

Often caused by Stress and long hours at the desk or driving. Massage can help with headaches by releasing tension in the neck and shoulder muscles, improving blood flow and helping you to relax. We can also discuss your sitting position and working environment in order to avoid future problems.

Osteoarthritis –

With Osteoarthritis, there is no cure but regular massage can reduce pain and help to improve the range of movement in your affected joints. This will enable you to take regular exercise and improve your overall health. Most doctors now encourage patients to manage their symptoms with gentle activity and Lifestyle changes. If a joint replacement is necessary, being fit and healthy before surgery will improve your chances of a successful outcome and speedy recovery.

If you need any help or advice about fitting more activity into your life or want to find out how massage can help you manage your pain, please get in touch