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Massage at work

Most people now have a good understanding of the benefits of massage. From relieving the physical discomfort of overtight muscles, to increasing the flow of blood around the body as well as lowering heart rate/blood pressure and the simple but powerful effect of feeling cared for, massages have a real impact on our wellbeing.

But in the middle of a working day, full of the kinds of challenges that require us to be resourceful and sharp, is having a relaxing massage really a good idea?


And here are a few reasons why:

More Energy –

Fatigue is often linked to muscular tension. This is because the energy resources (glucose, oxygen) that we need can get locked away inside tight muscle groups. Having a massage stretches these muscles and releases these resources back into the body. In this way you can get a healthy and sustainable energy boost during the workday.

Studies also show that early afternoon, just after lunch, is the least productive part of the day. It’s not a lack of calories that slows our thinking and makes our eyelids droop; it’s a lack of blood flow to the cells of the body. Massage techniques increase healthy blood flow throughout the body, waking up all your cells and getting your brain back into action.

Motivation comes from Self – management –

We know that the most motivated employees are often those that are allowed a degree of flexibility in their working life. When people are given the choice to manage their work schedules and take personal time during the day, their intrinsic motivation to perform well is being supported. Deciding to receive help and treatment from a skilled therapist puts you in a more optimistic, and therefore energised, open-minded, problem-solving state of mind.

Expectation as Medicine –

Scientists have shown that the expectation of reduced pain leads to the production of chemicals in the body that actually do reduce the sensation of pain. The impact of a good massage begins when someone looks forward to it, especially after having had the benefits of massage in the past. This is one of the reasons why symptoms often reduce once we have made the appointment to visit our chosen therapist. Repeat treatments have a cumulative effect and just knowing that you will soon be massaged can help to reduce muscle tension and blood pressure.

Tension Creates Mistakes –

Tense bodies are less agile and responsive, more prone to accidents and injury. Tense minds are more rigid and less likely to find efficient solutions. Chronic pain is even more of a distraction, and the more intense our pain becomes, the less we can concentrate on anything else. Taking the edge off these pains and stresses with a lunch-time massage allows us to return to work with a clear head so we perform better, stay engaged, and avoid mistakes.

Care Matters –

Along with the physical effects, research on touch has shown that simply resting a hand on someone’s shoulder can create a sense of safety, bring their nervous system out of threat-management and improves their sense of well-being. It only takes a few minutes, and the healing impact can last for days.

Massage Therapy has been shown to reduce anxiety and is very effective in the treatment of depression, stress, feelings of isolation and even anger. As humans we all respond positively to being cared for. Skilled, professional massage makes employees happier, and happier employees make for better workplaces.

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