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Things to know before getting a SPORTS MASSAGE

Benefits Sports Massage

Although the benefits of Sports massage to both sporty and non-sporty people are numerous and well known – Release of tension in muscles, Improved blood flow, Increased flexibility, Lower blood pressure, Reduced risk of injury and Improved sleep.

There are certain things to consider before booking an appointment:

1. If you are new to massage, book your first appointment well before a race, at least a few weeks out. This will give you time to get over any possible soreness from your muscles being worked and also to see how you benefit in training and if you want to continue having sports massages in the future. Getting treatment less than 48 hours before a race puts all athletes at risk of some race day soreness.

2. The short post – race massages offered at many events can help calm the nervous system and allow the body to start recovering quicker. You will need to wait a few days before a full post event massage.

3. Before booking an appointment, check out the therapist’s education and experience. Look for referrals from other sports people that you know or speak to the therapist to discuss how they can help you.

4. Dehydration will tighten the muscles and fascia that surrounds them causing a more painful massage. Always keep well hydrated before your appointment.

5. Massage does not have to hurt to be beneficial. There is a fine line between some discomfort and pain and it is unique to you. Remember, it’s your body and your session. The therapist is not a mind reader and you need to communicate with each other to achieve the required outcome.

6. Don’t schedule a post massage workout. Let your body process what has happened. Wait until the next day and take a bath in Epsom salts instead to aid the cleansing process and offset any soreness

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