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Look after your Feet

Foot Facts:

Did you know that the foot is made up of 26 bones, 19 muscles, 33 joints and 107 ligaments? They are complicated structures and we need to take care of them.

Our feet are the base for all our movements, so help your body to get the support it needs by wearing activity-appropriate shoes. This means at work and leisure.

Look after your feet and they will take you far. Foot flexibility and strength will improve your balance and reduce the risk of injury

Healthy feet help us walk better and perform more effectively so when you need new sports shoes do some research and chose the correct footwear for both your type of exercise, amount you intend to train and your foot structure.

When you shop for shoes remember:

  • You need plenty of room in the “toe box” front section,
  • Feet grow and spread as we age so measure annually,
  • Natural materials in the upper let the feet breathe,
  • Buy your shoes from a reputable sports shop so you can get help and advice.
  • Self massage and rolling with a textured ball can improve blood flow and release the tensions caused by standing all day.

We all get tired and aching feet sometimes. It may be from a long day out, standing at work all day or a longer than usual run. These stretches and exercises should help to strengthen your feet and ease the pains.

Please watch this video on my Facebook page to see how to stretch and look after your foot muscles.

Stretching is particularly useful after exercise as part of your cool-down, but can be carried out at any time to improve flexibility.

If you need help and advice with any injury and want to talk it through, please feel free to contact me .