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Groin Strain

A strain in the Adductor muscles of the inner thigh is often called a “Groin Strain”. This type of injury is most common in sports that involve sharp increases in speed or change in direction such as Football, Ice Hockey, Gymnastics and Figure Skating. The main symptom of a groin strain is sudden, sharp pain in the area. Depending on the severity, the player may be unable to continue and pain will often be felt when changing direction or pace.

There are five Adductor muscles that attach the lower pelvis to the upper leg bone and pull the leg towards the midline (Adduct). They also stabilize and control the pelvis during walking and running. One side will stabilize while the other moves the leg.

A strain is more likely in muscles that have not been sufficiently warmed up, are weak or tight or have had a previous injury. Other contributing factors can be poor form or a rapid increase in training load.

Initially athletes should follow the P.R.I.C.E. protocol of injury management. (Protect, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) for around 48 hours. Medical advice should be sought if it is difficult to walk or pain does not subside after a few days of self – care.

After healing starts, it is important to encourage the body to heal the muscle in the most efficient way to produce a strong mend. This can be done with gentle stretching, sports massage and strengthening exercises. The player should consult with coach and therapists to ensure that his/her injury is managed to a successful conclusion.

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