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Deeper is not always better

Soft Tissue Therapy

Sports and Deep Tissue massage has somehow gained a reputation for being painful. I have had clients come to me with stories of gritting their teeth at other massage sessions (not mine) or being warned by friends to expect pain if they want to get a beneficial therapy. This attitude goes along side the “No pain, no gain” mentality of some athletes and coaches but neither need to be true.

It is sometimes assumed that if you want effective relief from muscle tension then I will need to apply a lot of pressure. This is not good for my hands or your muscles.

Changes in muscle tension are caused by changes in your nervous system. This system allows the muscles to relax under a caring and sympathetic touch. Too much pressure makes the body react and “kick out” the therapist so no relaxation can take place. Any adhesions or knots that cause points of pain should be eased out, not beaten out. This process requires knowledge and patience.

Once the top layers of muscles are softened, my hands will be able to sink deeper into the under-lying muscles and relax them too.

An effective, therapeutic massage depends more on the communication between us, my knowledge of anatomy and your understanding that you can’t be fixed by another person. It is a joint effort. Like many therapists I have learned other techniques that can be blended with the massage which include assisted stretching and rehabilitation exercises. Any pain felt during your massage should be discussed between us so that techniques or positioning can be modified. In this way we can both learn what works best for your body and achieve the desired outcomes.

If you would like to discuss how I might be able to help you, please get in touch.