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Aqua Therapy for Back Pain

Aqua Therapy

Most people with back ache are told by health professionals, including myself, to move more. The majority of lower back pain is caused by muscular tension and movement should ease that. But if your back hurts and you are feeling lethargic, a trip to the gym or pounding the streets in trainers is probably the last thing on your mind. Movement in water could be the answer. As long as you are not running a fever or have any open wounds a trip to your local pool to exercise has many advantages over a land – based workout.

Decreased load bearing – the buoyancy of the water will decrease the stress placed on all your joints – back, hips and knees.

Increased mobility – We can twist and turn more easily in water as it supports us. This allows a wider range of motion in our movements.

Resistance – The water is way more resistant than air so even simple exercises like walking have a bigger impact as they take more effort.

Decreased pain – Water pressure helps to increase the blood flow to our muscles and joints and the comforting feel of the water takes your mind off any pain.

No risk of falling – A sudden back spasm could trigger a fall, but not if you are in water. Also, your feet will be strengthened meaning better balance when you are on land.

So, if you need to move more, either to ease your aches and pains or to improve your fitness, why not head to the pool?

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