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Flip Flops

Flip Flops may be your choice of footwear during hot, summer days but whilst they are great by the poolside, frequent use of these types of shoes can have a serious impact on your feet and leg health. Let me explain:

Flip flops have little or no support in the sole. This means you are practically walking barefoot and are liable to pick up cuts, grazes and other minor injuries.

Gripping with your feet to keep flip flops on causes a lot of tension and pressure through your toes, arches and lower legs. This can cause conditions such as plantar fasciitis, calf strain and shin splints. It will also affect your stride length and posture which could lead to other issues further up your legs and back.

The “floppy” nature of flip flops means that they are unstable, especially on uneven or soft ground and can be a serious trip hazard. Ankle sprains are common with this type of shoe.

As our feet sweat, the toe post and straps of these shoes will often rub and cause blisters.

Never run, jump or drive in Flip Flops. The lack of support and protection makes these activities particularly dangerous. If you want minimalist footwear on a hot day there are plenty of alternatives that provide a moulded, supportive sole and straps to keep the shoe attached to your feet. Please keep Flip Flops for short walks to the poolside or beach.

If you do end up with an injury and need some advice on managing the symptoms, please get in touch for a chat.