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Relationship between Shoulders and Hips

Our hips and shoulders are often areas where we feel tense and achy, but they also have various other attributes in common and can affect each other:

The shoulder and pelvic girdles form our Appendicular skeleton and attach our limbs to our trunk,

Arms and Legs are attached using a Ball and socket joint which allows a wide range of movement but can be unstable,

Tensions in one area will affect the Spine and Ribs which can transfer problems to the other,

Most activities, including Walking and Running, involve movement of both arms and legs,

One large muscle in your back (Latissimus Dorsi) directly attaches your Pelvis to your Shoulder blade and Upper arm.

Therefore, it is common for me to ask questions about your working environment, Lifestyle and Sporting activities when you come to my clinic so that we can explore the possible connections between stress in one area leading to pain and disfunction in another.

Please get in touch if you need help or advice about everyday aches and pains, however they may be caused.