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End of Season Reflection

Many athletes will have a year that is typically split into an season and an off-season. For runners and Triathletes their season is during the summer but for many team sports (Football, Rugby, Netball) it’s the winter. At the end of their competitive season most athletes take a well-earned rest for a few weeks. But what then? How should you train over your off-season to come back stronger and better next year?

Here are some tips to think about:

Train for fun and health benefits. Keep it general, try new things. Maybe do something with friends or family rather than your usual training partners.

Plan your races or events for next year, ‘A’ race/event, ‘B’ race/events working towards A and races for training or practising important elements. In team sports your A games may be cup games, local derbies or those against top of league opponents.

Work on your technique with your coach, personal trainer or rest of the team. Efficient and effective technique will reduce risk of injury and take less physical effort during the event.

Core strength is important in all sports. Look at adding some specific strengthening exercises to your weekly routine. Maybe try a Pilates class or Circuit training for some all-round strength and conditioning.

Brush up on your bike maintenance or mend your wetsuit (for triathletes). Replace your running shoes and sports bra (Runners). Check your Racquet or other equipment and replace or repair as necessary.

Look at how foam rolling, stretching and massage can play a part in your recovery from training and racing – Come to see me if you have any minor injuries or niggles that need checking out. Many athletes use regular massage as part of their training programme or leading up to important events/races.

Prepare the ground to be faster and stronger next year. The planning and training that you do over your off-season will be the springboard for the start of next season. Use it wisely and learn year on year.

Enjoy your off-season. Take some time off, cut back on the intensity and plan ahead.

If you have any questions or need some advice, please get in touch.