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Equipment Matters

Whatever the activity, using well-fitting and appropriate equipment can prevent both accidents and overuse injuries.

This applies to day-to-day life as well as sports. Any relevant protective and safety gear should also, always be used. Anything from Steel toe cap boots to Cycling helmets, Rubber gloves to Tennis shoes. All specialised equipment has a purpose. This purpose is, usually, to save you from PAIN and improve your performance.


Looking closer at sports equipment, the appropriate footwear is vital. Running and jumping create large impact forces through the feet, ankles and knees. Sports specific shoes are designed to provide the correct stability, traction and cushioning for the athlete’s needs – depending on the dynamics of the sport. Make sure that you wear the correct size (often larger that a normal shoe) as this can help to prevent blisters and hot spots of pressure. It is generally advised to change Running trainers every 500 miles to maintain the support needed to continue your sport without injuries.


Make sure that all clothes are the right size and style for your body and sport. This will provide the correct comfort, prevent chafing and help with temperature control. Sports bras need to be professionally fitted (as with daily bras) and should be replaced regularly so that the necessary support is maintained.


Equipment should be the right size for your age and ability. This will let you perform at your best. It should be maintained and kept in good repair to prolong its’ life and prevent accidents. Anything from Checking your bike brakes to replacing laces and studs. When it is time to change your equipment, manage the handover carefully between the old and new so that your body can adapt and settle in with no sudden shocks.

Cycle helmets should always be replaced after a fall.

If you do get injured, use some of your recovery time to review your clothing, footwear and equipment to make sure that none of them contributed to your problem. When something needs changing, now is the time.

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