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The Gluteal Muscles

The three Gluteal muscles are located in the buttock region.

They are:

Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Minimus.

As its’ name suggests, the Maximus is the largest and creates the rounded mass of the buttocks. Its’ fibers run diagonally starting from the base of the spine/top edge of pelvis and ending at the thigh bone. The Maximus also attaches to the Iliotibial band that runs down the outer side of the thigh. Tightness in this muscle can pull on this band and cause knee pain. This is common in runners and jumpers and is often called ITB syndrome. This muscle can extend, rotate and abduct the hip joint and is the powerhouse for running, climbing stairs and squatting.

Gluteus Medius is located on the lateral (outside) of the hip. It has convergent fibers that can pull the thigh bone in multiple directions. It is attached along the top of the hip bone at one end and the upper end of the thigh bone at the other. Its’ ability to stabilize and move the hip joint in so many different ways mean that this muscle is very important, but often overlooked. It often needs specific strength training for anyone suffering from hip or knee pain.

Gluteus Minimus lies underneath the Medius and is difficult to feel. It also starts at the outside edge of the hip bone but attaches to the front of the thigh bone. This means that it performs the opposite function to the Maximus.

Please watch this video where I will show you some strengthening exercises for these muscles. (4) Facebook

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