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The Hip Flexor Muscles

There are a number of muscles that can flex the hip joint – here is some information about the main three:

Psoas, Iliacus and Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL).

The Psoas (silent P) muscles are located deep in your abdomen (one each side) and are difficult to locate. It is classed as one muscle and is the only muscle that connects the top and bottom halves of your body. It runs from the lower vertebrae to the top of each thigh bone. Because of its’ location it helps to stabilize the lower back and can become tight from too much sitting which can lead to back ache.

The Iliacus muscles line the inside of the “wings” of the hip bones and also connect to the upper thigh bone. These muscles work together to flex the hips particularly when Hiking or walking uphill. They will also be used to start the sit up movement.

TFL is a small muscle located on the outer side of the upper thigh and is used when running, cycling or climbing into the car. It attaches between the top of the hip bone and the Iliotibial band, so tightness in this muscle can cause problems further down the leg at the knee due to transfer of force along the ITB.

The photo above shows some simple stretches for these muscles that may help if you have been sitting for a while. They are also useful after exercise.

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