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Christmas Shopping Hazards

Christmas Shopping Hazards

For most people, the festive season includes a large amount of shopping. This can be for food or presents and can be a hazardous pastime. Here are a few things to consider to help you survive and even enjoy this busy time.

Being on your feet all day:

Always choose comfortable and supportive shoes before embarking on a day out.
Take an Epsom Salts foot (or whole body) bath to ease aches and pains.
The magnesium in the salts helps to open the blood vessels and improve circulation.
Roll the base of your feet with a tennis ball or iced bottle of water to stretch and massage the arches.

Heavy bags:

Try to spread the load when you have lots to carry.
Use a backpack for small items.
Many shops offer to look after your purchases until the end of the day.
Use this service if possible.

Internet shopping:

Even shopping at home is not without its’ hazards!
Avoid text neck by making sure that your posture and head position are correct.
Screen in line with your eyes.
Take regular breaks from the computer or tablet to avoid repetitive strains.
Stretch and move.
Sit in a supportive and comfortable chair if you intend to browse for a while, little at a time is better.


The biggest hazard for most is the stress of it all
Look after your health and well – being FIRST.
Try to spread the shopping over a few weeks.
Enlist help from family members.
Make a budget that you can afford and stick to it.

If you want to treat yourself to some quality “me time” during (or after) the festive period, please get in touch.