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Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling has become very popular as a form of Self massage, but what does it actually do and is it worth it?

As discussed in a previous post, Fascia is a layer of connective tissue under the skin that envelopes all our muscles and organs connecting every part of our body together. The fascia that surrounds the muscles is called MYOFASCIA.

The muscle fibres and fascia should slide smoothly over each other but prolonged inactivity, intensive training and repetitive actions can all cause areas to become stuck together. These spots are called ADHESIONS or KNOTS. They can cause restrictions in movement and pain (both localised and referred).

Foam Rolling is a form of self myofascial release and can help to unstuck these areas and release the muscles. This improves the range of movement, increases blood flow and helps the muscles to recover, relax and work better.

Regular foam rolling can be combined with stretching and strength training to help reduce the risk of injury in sporty people and can help to release tensions in those of us that are more sedentary.

If you need a more “hand on” approach, please get in touch to see how a Sports massage could help you.