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Training whilst travelling

Training Whilst Travelling

Many of you will be approaching a holiday period or some time out of your usual routine over the next few weeks.

Travelling, either for business or pleasure, can play havoc with your training programme if you let it.

Here are some tips that may be useful:

1. Plan ahead. If you know when and where you are going you can research facilities that may be useful.
2. Be adaptable. Some training is better than none so do what you can. Use the hotel gym or pool, run around the local park or do some body weight exercises in your hotel room. Hire bikes as a family or do an early morning run along the beach before breakfast.
3. Use local knowledge. The hotel concierge or tourist information office should be able to advise you about decent training facilities in the area. If you travel to the same place frequently why not join a local sports team or running group to train with?
4. Try not to stress about the change in routine. Doing something different every now and then with enhance your regular training, not hinder it so enjoy the challenge.5. Enjoy your holiday. Rest days are when our body gets stronger and we build our energy reserves.